Federal Minimum Wage - Clearing Up Confusion

Recently, an anonymous comment was left on an old post, Federal Minimum Wage Update: House Combines Minimum Wage Increase to War Spending Bill:

"All of this minimum wage stuff is confusing. Has there or has there not been a bill passed that increases the minimum wage? If so, what is the name/number of the bill?"

As expected, President Bush vetoed HR 1591, which attached the federal minimum wage increase to the emergency war spending bill. Democrats have vowed that the minimum wage increase and small business tax package will happen, one way or another. House and Senate leaders met with the President last week to try to work out a compromise bill and are hoping to wrap it up by Memorial Day recess.

So the answer to the question is – No, a bill to increase the federal minimum wage has not yet been passed. However, analysts are predicting that it should happen within the next month or so.

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