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For 20 years, we have provided businesses like yours with practical tools to help meet your HR and employee management needs. But, we realize that G.Neil may not always have the perfect product that solves your specific need - in which case, we'd still like to help out by letting you know about other valuable resources to find your solutions.

Training and development has been repeatedly identified as one of your biggest challenges, largely due to the time it takes to do it effectively. Feedback from people like you is the driving force behind the launch of

We introduced you to the catalog and now we'd like to introduce you to the new shopping portal. In partnership with G.Neil, was created to bring buyers and sellers together to help you find, compare and select the right training solutions for your business — without all the clutter of the general search engines.

Whether your company is a local mini-mart or a global corporation, makes it easier to find your training solutions...and lose the excuses that hold you back from keeping your employees skilled, well-informed and productive.

Whereas before, a business owner or supervisor would have to search a variety of different sources to find the right training tool, offers a one-stop source for everything you need. Multiple providers offer their products and services on both the site, so all you have to do is click their links to get what you need, directly from them.

The site covers the full range of timely topics in today’s training world, new technologies, ideas and information, tips and tools. You'll find products, seminars, industry events, custom providers, articles and whitepapers, and more.

Vendors, consultants and other unaffiliated companies can call 888-883-0988 or visit to learn more about featuring their business on the site, and start promoting their products and services.

Ongoing site enhancements based on user feedback are anticipated throughout 2008, as well as a more comprehensive catalog. The goal is to ensure provides a valuable experience for all those tasked with business training and development, regardless of their current expertise.

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Thank you for your article. HR training really metters for the business effectiveness!


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