Online tool measures impact of retiring employees

With one quarter of the U.S. workforce nearing retirement age, conversations about a potential “Baby Boomer brain drain” have been heard across the HR world. Transferring corporate knowledge, talent shortages and phased retirement plans have all become growing issues for worried companies.

It’s estimated that by the end of this year, 17% of the Baby Boomers holding executive, administrative and managerial positions in the private sector are expected to have retired.

“The problem is, HR often doesn’t have the data to back up the belief that their companies will be affected as the baby boomers leave the workforce, experts say.”

To back up those beliefs, AARP created the Workforce Assessment Tool to help business owners gauge how much of an impact retiring employees will have on your business. The 80-question online tool is confidential, free to use, and takes about 30 minutes to complete.

After answering questions about the composition of your workforce, workplace practices and company benefits, the tool generates an individualized report. The report outlines how the aging workforce may affect your organization, recommends how to better accommodate workers of all ages, maps out your current employment practices and areas of improvement and creates an inventory of your workplace strengths that could enhance your employer brand.

Try out the Workforce Assessment Tool today and find out how much of an impact retiring employees may have on your business.

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Greg Rollett said...

Older workers are making a huge impact on the workforce, foregoing retirement and remaining loyal employees. This is a great tool from the AARP. If your organization is not looking at the Boomers to make an impact in their organization, they are missing out on an extremely important segment of the workforce.


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