Access to technology keeps workers creative and efficient

The majority of U.S. workers place a high value on technology in the workplace, some would even take drastic measures to work for companies that value technology in the same way.

Almost 40 percent of workers would consider changing jobs to work for a company that is more committed to providing access to and training in the latest technology, according to a national survey commissioned by the Fairfax County Economic Development Authority (FCEDA).

Key findings of the survey include:
  • Four out of five workers said access to technology is important to their ability to be creative (78%) and productive (80%) at work.
  • 80% of workers said that such technology gives their employer and edge in the marketplace.
  • 39% of workers would consider leaving their current jobs for an employer that makes better use of technology with access to more up-to-date technology.
  • 37% would contemplate a job change if better technology-related training were offered.

Retaining top performers is key to an organization’s success and is many times their top worry during a recession. Holding on to prized employees is a top concern for employers, even in today’s economy, according to a survey developed by Robert Half International.

Nearly four out of 10 (39%) of senior executives cited employee retention as their greatest staffing concern, according to the survey.

Another top concern included bringing in new employees (22%) along with productivity and employee morale (17%).

“Many firms are operating with lean teams in which every staff member plays a key role in the business, making retention a greater concern,” said Max Messmer, chairman and chief executive of Melo Park, Calif.-based Robert Half International. “Companies that lose top performers may not only experience declines in productivity but also incur significant costs in replacing these professionals.”

If your business is concerned with retaining top performers, maybe it’s time to take a look at the technology your employees are using to complete their daily tasks. Making an investment today to update your in-house technology and offer technology training may save you thousands of dollars in diminished productivity and the hardship of losing top performers in the future.

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