HR survey reveals top green business practices

More than half of employers incorporate environmental management into their business operations, according to a new survey conducted by human resource consulting firm Buck Consultants.

“Many employers now recognize that green programs in the workplace can promote social responsibility among workers and help retain top talent,” said Don Sanford, managing director of Buck’s Communication practice who directed the survey. “More than 60% of survey respondents have made environmental responsibility part of their organization’s mission statement.”

The survey found that 54% of the 93% U.S. organizations surveyed actively incorporate “green” practices into their daily business operations.

According to the survey:

  • 78% of respondents use Web or teleconferencing to reduce travel.
  • 76% promote the reduction of paper use.
  • 68% implement wellness programs to foster employee’s proper nutrition, fitness and healthy living.

One of the key findings of the survey revealed that when organizations appoint an individual to lead green efforts, employee involvement “dramatically” increases. Companies with at least three-quarters of their employees actively involved in green programs, 71% have appointed individual leaders. Only 29% did not appoint a green leader.

Some companies provide employees with incentives to encourage more green behavior around the office. The survey found that of companies that provide rewards, 77% provide special employee recognition, 36% give prize incentives and 14% offer monetary rewards.

“There is still much more that organizations can do,” Sanford said. “We expect to see future growth in green training programs, environmentally responsible investment options and recruiting employees with green skills.”


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