What if your employees were volunteers?

There are thousands of ideas out there on how to improve employee performance without having to spend a dime, but “sometimes incentive and motivation programs aren’t necessary.”

That’s the message from Paul Hebert at Incentive Intelligence, ironically a blog dedicated to aligning behaviors and goals through motivation, rewards and recognition.

Last week, Hebert proposed an experiment that any manager, supervisor and coworker can try, that simply involves asking yourself one question:

“What would you do different if everyone you relied on for your business success was a volunteer?”

Volunteers are tied to their work with passion, not pay. They’re able to walk out of an organization whenever they please because they’re working because they want to, not because they have to.

Looking at your employees as volunteers forces you to identify their passion and discover why they’re working at your organization. Whatever their passion or reason for working, managers should create a mission and set goals that are aligned with employees’ passion.

“Managing volunteers means valuing contribution and working to match desire to function within the team to achieve the stated mission. Managing volunteers isn't about directing effort as much as it is about allowing effort to find it's best path.”

Hebert suggests that every manager ask themselves - “What would I do different if all my staff could just walk out tomorrow?”

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