When is it OK to ignore the OSHA posting deadline?

The OSHA posting deadline is less than a week away! From February 1 to April 20, 2010, most businesses will be required to post OSHA Form 300A – a summary of job-related injuries and illnesses that occurred in 2009.

Notice that I said “most.” That’s because employers that fall under certain Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) codes are exempt from keeping OSHA injury and illness records (unless requested, in writing, by OSHA, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) or a state agency operating under OSHA or the BLS). These businesses should be aware, however, that if a workplace incident results in a fatality or the hospitalization of three or more employees, they must report the accident to OSHA.

Check out the list of exempt industries here. From apparel stores and barber shops to photo studios and used car dealers, there are approximately 56 types of establishments that don’t need to hustle to get their OSHA Form 300A posted by this Monday.

For those of you who aren’t exempt, meet this upcoming posting deadline and other OSHA recordkeeping requirements with our mandatory forms and convenient recordkeeping tools.

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