Playing the labor law poster game

If you own or manage a business, odds are you know about the labor law poster shuffle. It's that game we all play where we try to get the right labor law posters in the right spaces by the right deadline, and then wait, breathless, to make the dash again when the feds or a state agency decide to change the posters because they changed a microscopic date located on the bottom 1/16" of the lower right hand corner -- you know, that spot that gets hidden by the poster frame, right?

Or they have rearranged the boxes containing the information no employee has ever read, or could understand because it's written in government legalese which is twice as bad a regular legalese because it's the government. And now because of those rearranged boxes (because heaven knows, our elected officials and heads of agencies have nothing else to worry about like health care reform or campaign reform or an economy that's tanked...) every business person must scramble to tear down the old no-longer-valid posters and replace them with new valid-for-the-next-10-minute labor law posters.

And as if the shuffle wasn't bad enough, there's the trying to find out about the changes. Never mind that you're trying to run a business in the aforementioned tanked economy, managing a bunch of sick employees who can't afford to see a doctor so they came to work to cough all over you. You have to spend hours searching state and federal websites for minute changes in labor law posters and posting requirements and then rush to order the new ones before they too are outdated. Then hope that you found all the right sites and all the right posters! It's kind of like trying to dance with the music on mute -- you know it's there, but it's impossible to hear it, so you're just kind of stumbling around the dance floor.

Only in this case, one wrong step in the labor law poster shuffle and you could get slapped with some pretty hefty fines or an employee lawsuit, or maybe both. Kind of makes the trips and falls on "Dancing with the Stars" look like a fun time, doesn't it?

So what are you supposed to do? Well, you can save a few bucks and keep trying to find those posters and stay ahead of the mandatory labor law poster game. Or you can go with a labor law poster service and take just one thing off your already heaping-piled-overflowing-never-get-through-it-all plate. Your choice.

We've got a good service at G Neil. Pretty cheap, given that it covers a full year and covers any fines you get if we mess up. Pretty simple too. Just sign up, pay once, and you're good for a year. Second year and on gets even cheaper. Wanna try it? Take a minute, step out of the shuffle and see how easy labor law poster compliance can get.

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