With summer comes warmer weather ... and more workplace risks

While most of us look forward to the longer, warmer days of summer, this time of year can pose unique challenges for many businesses – especially in the hospitality and entertainment industries. From dress code issues to properly managing a seasonal workforce, you need to be certain you’re towing the legal line during the summer months. This includes:

1. Planning around vacation requests so you’re sufficiently staffed. See Vacation Request & Approval Form (Calendar Format)
2. Preventing sexual harassment when clothing choices — and employee behavior — relax. See Harassment Training Program, “Harassment-Free Workplace: Take Control” and Gradience Handbook Manager software
3. Upholding legal dos and don’ts when hiring temporary summer employees. See The HR Answer Book
4. Understanding child labor issues surrounding teen employees. See SolveIt Now™ Answers to All Your Questions: OSHA Compliance
5. Making the necessary staffing adjustments when employees call out “sick”. See Yearly Vacation Planner
6. Keeping employees safe when the temperatures soar. See Extreme Heat Exposure Kit (Poster & Notifications)

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