When "fun in the sun" dampens work productivity

While the beach, backyard or neighborhood barbeque may beckon during the sunny days of summer, the fact remains that you’re running a business and the work must get done. Don’t wait until you have an attendance problem on your hands before taking a stand.

Your employee attendance policy should be in writing, included in your employee handbook and communicated to all employees so it can be enforced. Clarify when chronic lateness and absenteeism are cause for discipline, and outline how many absences or instances of lateness are acceptable.

Your company's attendance guidelines also must comply with the FLSA, which governs minimum wage requirements, overtime, timekeeping practices, child labor laws and other pay-related issues.

Finally, be certain to enforce the policy consistently. You may be courting a discrimination lawsuit if you only discipline some employees for poor attendance, while ignoring the time-management habits of others.

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