Fed-up JetBlue flight attendant ... hothead or hero?

We’ve all had horrible days at work that almost sent us over the edge. But we bury the stress and swallow back the urge to yell “I quit” and walk out the door.

Not Steven Slater. For cursing out a customer, grabbing a beer and fleeing the plane via the emergency exit chute, this JetBlue flight attendant has captured America’s attention. In fact, burned-out workers across the country are propping Slater up as a hero after his highly publicized workplace rant.

As two readers shared in an article:

“How many of us can honestly say we haven’t wanted to do the same thing? Steve is a working class hero!”

“Maybe not the best way to quit your job but hey, sometimes enough is enough.”

But the fantasy of telling your boss off could quickly collide with the reality of being jobless. As the article explains:

Some may see Slater as a hero because they know they don’t have the luxury to speak out like that in their own lives. While Slater may have felt great after finally letting loose in such a public way, the fact is that most of us need our jobs more than we need that release. And most of us realize that such a dramatic move can carry heavy consequences, such as the felony charges that Slater is currently facing.

When all is said and done, we need our jobs … and we need to find ways to cope with the frustrations that come with them. We may sympathize with and applaud Slater for his actions, but would we do the same and risk losing our jobs?

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Jim aka Evil Skippy at Work said...

Yep. It would be oh-so-tempting to execute a dramatic exit just like this fellow. The reality is, however, that sometimes fantasy scenarios are best left in our imaginations. The flight attendant is facing criminal prosecution, and could have injured (or killed) anyone working on the tarmac. Bottom line -- millions of people handle stress every day better than he did. He is fun entertainment but certainly no role model. He could have vented his anger in other ways. For example, dumping a drink on the rude passenger's head, tripping her in the jetway, flagging her as a terrorist in the airline's reservation system . . . Whoops. That was my evil alter ego speaking.


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