The workplace after war: Are you ready to accommodate our returning troops?

Soon after declaring an end to the war in Iraq, President Obama withdrew the last of the U.S. combat troops from the Middle East last month – with a pledge to remove all troops from the area by the end of 2011. With thousands of our men and women heading home and stepping back into the work world, now is the time to prepare for the impact this may have on your business.

The Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act of 1994 (USERRA) is the primary federal law governing the employment and reemployment rights of uniformed service members. In general, USERRA requires both private and public employers to provide military leave for employees, and to eliminate or reduce any employment disadvantage resulting from participation. USERRA requires you to reinstate employees upon completion of service, grant seniority and applicable benefits to returning employees, and train or otherwise qualify returning employees for reemployment. Specifically, you may not discriminate in hiring, promotion, reemployment, termination or benefits because of past, current or future military obligations.

The law requires that you educate your employees about their USERRA rights. With Poster Guard® Compliance Protection, you can be certain you’re displaying mandatory USERRA information via the federal labor law poster. G.Neil also offers an easy-to-read, downloadable E-Guide that explains the USERRA regulations and your legal responsibilities.

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