Veterans' Benefits Act of 2010 makes some changes to USERRA

On October 13, President Obama signed into law the Veterans’ Benefits Act (VBA) of 2010. Through amendments to the Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act (USERRA), the VBA further protects service members from employment discrimination (including wages and benefits) and retaliation due to service.

Whereas USERRA excluded “wages or salary for work performed” in its definition of “benefit of employment,” the VBA references a 2002 court case to clarify that wages or salary are included in the definition.

The VBA will also utilize a multi-factor test to determine if a new, “successor-in-interest” company can be held liable for the USERRA violations of a previous company. (A modification to help prevent employers from dodging responsibility for their actions). The factors to be considered include:

• Use of the same or similar facilities
• Continuity of workforce
• Similarity of jobs and working conditions
• Similarity of supervisory personnel
• Similarity of machinery, equipment and production methods
• Similarity of products or services

The amendments are retroactive and apply to any USERRA violations that occur before, on or after the VBA’s enactment date.

Check back here to learn of potential updates to the federally required USERRA posting.

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