Be more safety savvy by educating employees on the latest CPR guidelines

As you know, the American Heart Association (AHA) recently released new CPR guidelines (see previous blog post) specifying that chest compressions come first, followed by clearing the airway and mouth-to-mouth breathing. The new guidelines also indicate how fast and how hard rescuers should push on the breastbone during compressions.

What are you doing to share this new CPR procedure with your employees? You play a key role in empowering your workforce with the latest safety guidelines. Satisfy OSHA’s requirement for posting essential safety information by hanging a current CPR poster in your workplace.

We’ve refreshed our Lifesaving CPR and Choking Posters to make it easy to keep your company up to date on the latest CPR technique. When prominently displayed, the boldly illustrated, laminated posters provide immediate access to the new CPR steps, possibly shaving seconds off a life-sustaining emergency procedure. Order now and save 10% off the regular price.

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