New year, new tax forms - Get your updated 2011 W-4s now

It had a bit of a bumpy start in the new year, but the updated Form W-4 is now available.

Here’s what happened: The form released by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) on January 3 (and published again on January 6) included an incorrect OMB number (located at the top right corner of the form). Soon after our own legal research department detected the error, the IRS released a corrected version of the form on January 7.

As you know, a Form W-4 must be completed by new employees when they begin a job to claim withholding allowances on income tax returns. A new Form W-4 is also required when a current employee’s tax status changes, such as with the birth of a child or a change in marital status.

You can get your updated Form W-4s here. We offer a variety of formats (paper, downloadable, state-specific, multi-pack sets, with imprint) and support materials (tip sheets, an informative W-4 Poster) to meet your business needs and help your employees avoid costly tax mistakes.

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