Passing over the unemployed would be unlawful under new bill

Today's post comes from G.Neil's HR News Weekly:

Being out of work is hard enough. Not getting work because you’re out of work is even harder.

If a proposed bill is passed, employers will have a legal obligation to guard against this very situation. Shortly after the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) held a public hearing on unemployment discrimination, Rep. Henry Johnson of Georgia introduced a bill that would make this type of discrimination unlawful.

The Fair Employment Act of 2011 would add “unemployment status” to the list of protected classes under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act. Specifically, “unemployment status” is defined as “being unemployed, having actively looked for employment during the then most recent 4-week period, and currently being available for employment.”

Regarding the bill, Rep. Johnson stated, “Employer discrimination against unemployed job applicants is fundamentally wrong. With unemployment at about 9 percent and with nearly 14 million Americans out of work, this discrimination will only prolong the crisis.”

Check back here for updates on the proposed bill.

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