No more pity parties ... time to throw a pizza party!

Ahhhh, the power of pizza. It's amazing how a fresh-baked pie, piled high with your favorite toppings, can make any gathering or get-together that much better. Recruiting a group of friends to help you move? Order pizza! Staying in to watch the big game? Order pizza! Hosting a backyard birthday bash? Order pizza!

Want to show 14,000 employees that you appreciate all their hard work and dedication? Order a truckload of pizza!

You heard that right. Men's Wearhouse Inc. recently arranged a surprise pizza delivery to every store across North America - to the tune of more than 42,400 pizza slices at 1,200+ store locations throughout the U.S. and Canada.

The reason? "The belief that our company should be a fun and rewarding place to work is central to our corporate culture," said Julie Panaccione, VP of Events, who coordinated the delivery. "Pizza was just one way to express our gratitude for each and every one of our associates' efforts."

The pizza extravaganza is another example of how Men's Wearhouse puts its money where its mouth is. It also throws annual black-tie parties, maintains on-site child care and offers fully paid work sabbaticals. The company, which was founded on the principle that it's more than "just a job," is obviously doing something right. Earlier this year, Men's Wearhouse made FORTUNE's "100 Best Companies to Work For" list for the 10th time since 2000.

Although I recognize that times are tough and that not every company can afford an all-out pizza blitz to reward its employees, I'm certain we can all learn something from this retailer's initiative. Whether it's a hand-written thank you note or a shout-out at the next company meeting, making an effort to single out and applaud your employees matters. That is, if employee motivation, employee morale and employee satisfaction matter. Human resource management means many things, but nothing will contribute more to your company's success than employees who feel necessary and needed.

And I repeat ... Nothing will contribute more to your company's success than employees who feel necessary and needed.

So you might hold the onions or anchovies, but don't hold the praise! For more ideas and insight on employee motivation, take a look at this article in our HR Library.

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