Hurricane season is here! 5 tips to help you prepare

Today's post comes from G.Neil's HR News Weekly:

The 2011 hurricane season has officially begun … and the forecast isn’t pretty. Experts predict an “above normal” season with approximately 17 names storms and nine hurricanes (five coming in as a Category 3 or higher). If such predictions hold true, businesses can expect disruptions, whether from emergency response measures, power outages or actual damage to facilities.

To stay connected and prevent significant setbacks this hurricane season, you should:

1)    Invest in a back-up generator and stock up on batteries. If you’re unable to maintain electrical power, you’ll lose your Internet connection.
2)    Subscribe to a resilient, high-speed Internet service (such as satellite broadband) to secure communications between company decision makers and emergency operators, as well as to ensure your email, product orders and other essential information are maintained if your terrestrial network fails.
3)    Determine which applications and data are essential (such as emergency response plans, accounting documents and inventory logs). Then, back up the information regularly, and store it in a safe, dependable location. (Consider an off-site location, in case of flooding.)
4)    Keep one or more corded phones connected to a wall jack, so that you have telephone service in the event of an electrical-only outage.
5)    Do not hesitate to put your Web hosting provider on alert, especially if you suspect you’ll lose service for a long period of time.

Planning is key! To be certain your company is ready for a natural disaster (or other on-the-job emergency or hazard), follow the above tips and check out our emergency preparation and response items.

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