OSHA to focus on forklift hazards in four states

Today's post comes from G.Neil's HR News Weekly:

Under a new regional inspection program, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) hopes to reduce fatalities and serious injuries caused by forklifts and powered industrial trucks. The program will focus primarily on employer compliance in warehouses and service companies in the states of Alabama, Georgia, Florida and Mississippi. (If a company is the subject of a complaint inspection or site-specific targeting inspection, however, it will be checked for forklift violations, too).

Inspections will cover:

•    Operator training – Employees should be trained for the specific vehicle they’re operating (and each vehicle they operate), and re-evaluated every three years, per OSHA standards. OSHA investigators will observe actual forklift operations and interview employees to determine compliance with operating, traveling and loading requirements.

•    Maintenance and repair – Forklifts and powered industrial trucks should have the appropriate load plates and fully operational safety equipment. Investigators will review the shift pre-operation inspection checklist, as well as the company’s procedures for correcting equipment defects and problems.

•    Clear pathways – Just as important as proper training and the condition of the vehicles themselves are the pathways the forklifts travel. Investigators will look for clearly visible pathways, which are necessary to reduce “struck by” hazards.

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