Holiday cards and employee morale: Don't underestimate the connection!

Carol and Megan are both hard-working, dedicated employees. And like many employees working for companies weathering the economic downturn, they’ve endured their fair share of challenges this past year: fewer resources, longer hours, added responsibilities, more stress.

Fast forward to the holiday season. One afternoon in early December, Carol picks up her mail and notices a special mailing from her company. She tears open the crisp, white envelope and pulls out a beautifully illustrated holiday card with a short, handwritten note inside. “How nice,” she thinks to herself and smiles, “that the company cared enough to do this.”

Megan works for a company that didn’t send holiday cards this year. “Times are tough,” the company’s president concluded, "and employees should be thankful they even have jobs. If things turn around next year, we’ll do more to motivate our staff.”

Who do you think feels better about her company right now? Who sees that her extra efforts matter – and that it’s worth enduring a few challenges when your company values its employees?

Don’t let this golden opportunity to reach out and recognize your employees pass you by. Sending company holiday cards and calendars makes sound business sense because they:

=> Demonstrate you value your employees, no matter how tough the conditions. During these economically challenging times, most businesses are running on leaner budgets and watching their every expenditure. For a healthy return on investment, however, holiday cards can’t be beat. A holiday greeting costs just pennies per employee, but yields significant returns through good will, enhanced morale and greater loyalty. It’s the perfect way to show you care about your employees – employees who, incidentally, kept your business thriving in spite of the economic downturn.

=> Stand out in a way that other forms of communication cannot. As a customer, how special do you feel receiving a mass e-mail from a company during the holidays? Or worse, no acknowledgment at all? It’s no different with your employees. A paper card shows a level of effort and attention on your part. More importantly, it gets noticed in the hustle and bustle of our fast-paced lives. You went out of your way to select the appropriate card, address it properly and even share a handwritten note. That single card is personal, it’s tactile and it rises above the electronic and digital noise of today.

=> Boost morale and lead to greater employee satisfaction down the road. Your employees are working harder than ever, but they will quickly burn out if you don’t take the time to recognize their efforts and thank them. It’s a proven fact that employees are more productive and effective when they feel appreciated, needed and noticed. Don’t make the mistake of hoping your employees know how much you depend on them. Take advantage of this time of gratitude and give a holiday card that sends the message, loud and clear, that your employees matter.

Ready to make a positive impression with your most valuable resource, your employees? Order your holiday cards now (at terrific "early bird” specials), then plan on reaping the rewards that come with wishing your workforce happy holidays and letting them know how important they are.

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