'Bring your guns to work' bill passes Florida senate

To follow up on a topic we reported on last month, the Florida senate approved a bill on April 9, that would allow employees and customers with concealed weapons permits to bring a firearm onto company property. The bill, familiarly known as the “bring your guns to work” bill allows firearms to be kept in locked vehicles in company parking lots.

The bill now goes on to the governor, who will likely sign it into law, according to a recent SHRM article.

The bill prohibits employers from asking if an employee or customer is carrying a gun and from searching that person’s vehicle for a firearm. In addition, the bill will make it illegal to deny employment because the applicant has a concealed weapons permit. Also, employers may not fire an individual for keeping a licensed weapon in their vehicle.

Against the bill - The Florida Chamber of Commerce

The Florida Chamber of Commerce is against the bill, claiming that it would “undermine the property rights of Florida businesses and could endanger workers.” Whether an employee is able to bring their gun to work was previously determined by the property owner. Passage of the bill will deny employers of that right.

They also claim the bill could lead to increased workplace violence. Additionally, the chamber is against the bill because it would give gun owners the same discrimination rights as victims of sexual harassment and racism.

For the bill - The National Rifle Association

The National Rifle Association (NRA) is pushing for the governor’s signature on the bill, under the belief that it will help protect employees as they travel to and from work.

They also claim that businesses violate constitutional rights of individuals by having the power to search private vehicles and by banning an individual’s right to legally carry a gun.

We would like to hear your opinion. How do you feel about a coworker or customer being legally able to possess a firearm on company property? What’s your stance on the bill?

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kinedot said...

The guns-to-work legislation just passed the Senate 26-13. One Democrat, Sen. Mandy Dawson, voted with Republicans.



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