The right to bear arms ... at work?

The “bring your guns to work” bill (H.B. 503/S.B. 1130), has resurfaced in the Florida legislature, and appears headed toward passage. The bill would make it illegal for businesses and other private property owners to have policies prohibiting firearms on their private property.

It would make it unlawful for an employer to “discriminate against” an employee for exercising their constitutional rights to bear arms and of self defense, when the gun is used only in a lawful, defensive way. The legislation protects customers, employees and anyone invited on the property.

Florida is not the only state to consider this type of legislation. There was a bill pending in Georgia and a bill is currently pending in Tennessee.

Like always, we’ll keep watching this and other bills that could affect your business. Keep coming back for updates.

For more detail on the “bring your guns to work” bill, read the full article.

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