Five ways Gen Y will change the corporate world

Generation Y is leaving their messy college apartments behind and are entering the corporate world. To this new generation of workers, the corporate system is as outdated as dial-up Internet and they have big plans to change the workplace for the better.

After watching their parents overwork themselves to the brink of exhaustion and older siblings struggle with Baby Boomer bosses, Gen Y is ready to take on the workplace and mold it into what they want from it.

How will they manage this seemingly enormous task? A recent post at Employee Evolution, written by a savvy Gen Yer, explains exactly how they’ll do it. Here are some of the most insightful ways they plan on taking on the business world:

1. Meetings will be productive and held only when absolutely necessary. “Efficiency is the name of the game with Gen Y.” Factors of an effective meeting: less than 30 minutes, everyone in the room gets on the same page and it encourages people to get work done.

2. A shorter work day where more is accomplished. Gen Y wants to get the most done in the least amount of time and then get out of the office. Work/life balance is a serious issue with this generation and they will stop at nothing to keep it in tact.

3. Administrative assistants return. Gen Y does not like to waste time addressing envelopes, filling out spreadsheets and filing papers. Give that task to someone else and let them do their job. Worried about the cost? Not Gen Y, they’ll pay the extra money to make it happen.

4. Traditional retirements will vanish. Gen Y does not want to waste their youth sitting behind a desk working themselves to death like past generations may have. They want to use this time to explore what life has to offer, not wait until they’re too old to enjoy it. They’ll figure out how to put away enough money in their 401(k)s while also making time for “mini-retirements.”

5. Say goodbye to performance reviews. Gen Y desires constant feedback and communication. Waiting for a semi-annual performance review just won’t cut it for this generation. Managers will have to learn how to provide constant and ongoing feedback to keep these employees happy.

Gen Y won’t be flipping the corporate world on its head all at once, but rather piece by piece. By the time they make it to upper management, Gen Y plans wants work to be a part of their lives, not something that gets in the way.

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