Update to I-9 form effective immediately

Breaking news and a revised message!

Yesterday, the Federal government announced a revision to the standard I-9 form effective immediately. The old form, which was to expire on 06/30/08 had been replaced by a new revision. Now it appears that there may be some modifications on the way.

Initially, the USCIS website stated that the old form would no longer be accepted as of 6/16/08, even though it was not expected to expire until the end of the month. Today there is an apparent reversal on that site which may indicate that the old form is valid through its initial expiration date, or that both the old and new forms will be valid for some period of time.

We will keep you posted as changes appear in the Federal Register.

At this point, there are no substantive changes to the form. Only the dates of revision and expiration have been updated, so employers do not need to alter current procedures for gathering applicant information, retaining forms, or verifying documentation.

Given the expiration date of 06/30/08 on the old forms, businesses and agencies Should use the most up to date forms. As always, current and valid versions will be available from GNeil in both hard copy and downloadable formats.

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Veritas said...

You don't have to pay some company for this form... most government forms are free to the public...
You can get this form in pdf from

And... you can download free posters from the Department of Labor website for other fed labor law posting requirements here


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