Hot workplace legislation on the move this summer

Last week, Congress members returned to Washington for the final legislative push before a month-long recess beginning August 9.

With the Democratic and Republican presidential conventions scheduled for late August and early September, Congress members look forward to returning to their home states to campaign.

The next few weeks, while legislators remain on Capitol Hill, are one of the last opportunities for Congress to make significant progress on important workplace legislation in 2008.

Congress is expected to vote on a list of critical workplace issues during the next five weeks, including:

  • Amendments to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
  • Proposed extension (or replacement) of the E-Verify employment verification program
  • The Employment Non-Discrimination Act, which creates federal protections against workplace discrimination based on sexual orientation
  • The Healthy Families Act, which requires certain U.S. employers to offer paid sick leave as an employee benefit.

We will continue following all of the latest headlines, so check back regularly over the next few weeks for news on workplace legislation that may affect your business.

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