New study: Employee loyalty weakened by gas prices

As gas prices stay high, workers continue to make sacrifices and many are considering leaving their jobs for opportunities closer to home in order to cut down their commute.

Over one quarter (26%) of employees are considering changing jobs to improve their commutes, according to a study conducted by BusinessWeek Research Services and commissioned by TransitCenter.

Almost half (48%) of employees reported that their commute is getting worse and they’re looking at their employers to ease the pain, according to the study. About 65% of employees are expecting their employers to do something to help tackle the problem.

The top four commuter-related benefits employees find most appealing in a new job are:
  • Flextime (79%)
  • Telecommuting (72%)
  • Pre-tax commuter benefits (54%)
  • Subsidies for their pre-tax commuter benefits (47%).

TransitCenter is a not-for-profit organization that provides tax-free transit benefits as a means to promote mass transit use. Visit their website for a copy of the full press release on employee loyalty and gas prices.

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