Senate passes ADA Amendments Act, House and President approval expected

On September 11, the Senate unanimously approved the ADA Amendments Act (S. 3406). The House passed its version of the bill (H.R. 3195) in June.

The House is expected to consider the bill tomorrow, September 17, and it is believed the President will sign the ADA Amendments Act immediately after approval by the House.

“I am pleased that the Senate has followed the House and passed the ADA Amendments Act. This bill will once again make America a world leader on a central test of human rights. I expect the House to pass this bill next week, and that the President will sign it,” said House Majority Leader Steny H. Hoyer (MD) at a press conference following the Senate’s passage of the ADA Amendments Act.

The Senate version of the bill addresses the definition of disability, mitigating measures and regulatory authority. The bill would overturn four U.S. Supreme Court decisions that many Congress members think unfairly limit ADA protections, such as one ruling that limited protection for people with conditions that can be controlled with medication or improved by using a prosthesis.

From The New York Times:
Senator Tom Harkin, Democrat of Iowa and a chief sponsor of the bill, said the Supreme Court rulings put disabled people in an untenable position.

Because of the rulings, Mr. Harkin said, some disabled people, like those with epilepsy or diabetes, “could be forced to choose between treating their conditions and forfeiting their protections” under the 1990 law.”

We will continue to watch the bill and if it will have any affect on mandatory labor law postings. Stay tuned to the HR Forum for the latest updates.

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