Don’t Facebook when home from work sick?

You feeling like you're coming down with the flu, so you use some of your paid sick time and stay home from work. Should you also stay away from Facebook?

Last month, a Swiss woman was fired from her job after surfing Facebook while out sick, according to her employer.

The employee said she could not work in front of a computer and needed to lie in the dark, but was later seen to be active on Facebook. Her employer, the National Suisse insurance company, said in a statement that her actions had destroyed the company's trust in the employee.

"This abuse of trust, rather than the activity on Facebook, led to the ending of the work contract," said a National Suisse spokesperson.

The woman admitted to using Facebook on her cell phone, but accused her employer of spying on her by sending a mysterious friend request that allowed the company to see her activities on the social network. The company denied her accusation and said a colleague witnessed her online activity.

So we want to know: When you stay home from work sick do you spend time on Facebook? Should employers care?

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