Develop a worksite obesity prevention program with new, free CDC tool

As a follow-up to our Monday post on how a lack of healthy snacks in the office are putting workers’ waistlines to the test, I wanted to share a new resource for businesses wanting to enhance their wellness program this year.

Yesterday, Ann Bares at Compensation Force spotlighted LEAN Works, a new online resource to help employers determine how much obesity costs their business each year.

LEAN Works is a new web-based resource developed by the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) full of completely free interactive tools and evidence-based resources to help any organization develop an effective worksite obesity prevention and control program.

The site features an obesity cost calculator to estimate how much obesity is costing your company and how much you could save by using different workplace interventions.

LEAN Works also includes example presentations to help pitch your wellness program within your organization, tools to help collect employees’ baseline health information, workplace health audits and employee interest surveys.

Visit the CDC’s LEAN Works! Leading Employees to Activity and Nutrition.


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