Social recruiting grows popular among recruiters

We may still be in a recession, but many companies still have open positions to fill and the most preferred method for finding promising candidates is shifting. Instead of spending their time on job boards like Monster and CareerBuilder, many HR pros and recruiters are turning to social networking sites.

Social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter are quickly becoming top sources for recruiters searching for candidates, according to the results of the second annual Jobvite Social Recruitment Survey.

The survey also found that employers are more satisfied with the quality of candidates from employee referrals and social networks than those from job boards. The majority of those surveyed are planning to invest more in social recruiting in the coming years, according to the Jobvite survey of more than 400 human resource and talent management professionals

You have to complete a quick registration from Jobvite to get the full survey results, but here are some of the highlights:

  • 68% of companies use social networking or social media to support recruitment efforts

  • The most popular social networking sites for recruiting are LinkedIn (95%), Facebook (59%) and Twitter (42%)

  • 66% of companies have successfully hired a candidate through an online social network

  • Companies are investing more in employee referrals (76%), social networks (72%) and corporate career sites (64%)

The New York Times recently covered how both unemployed workers and employers looking for a low-cost recruitment method have found success using social networking sites. From the article:

Gladys Stone, a corporate recruiter in San Francisco, says it’s smart for employers to tap into employees’ social networks. This accelerates the personal referral process and widens the field, as many social network users have hundreds of friends or contacts in their networks, she said.

And while some may be disconcerted that software from an unknown company is searching their profiles, Ms. Stone says that most know that information on the Web can be used in ways that people don’t expect, and that LinkedIn, in particular, is built to make professional information available.

Does your company use social networking sites to recruit new employees? Have you been successful? What advice would you give others who may be thinking about recruiting using social networks?


Anonymous said...

Isn't this a contradiction to your previous post about social networking, Dangers of using social networking sites to screen applicants?

inspired minds said...

Talent management is the strength of any organization. It is hard to imagine the successful progress of any organization without professional employees.


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