Mastering the tools of engagement

Your employees show up to work every day, and most of them are doing a great job. But as five o’clock inches closer, you notice that they’re counting down until the workday ends. If more employees were excited to be at work, rather than thinking about quitting time, the company could do a lot better. Raising salaries isn’t an option right now and you feel stuck. What can you do?

Budgets have shrunk and our belts are so tight it’s hard to breathe; traditional motivators like performance bonuses are out of the question. So, what can managers do to improve employee commitment when dollars are in short supply?

The good news – managers can use many tools to improve morale, boost employee motivation and raise the level of engagement, even when there seems to be no room in the budget.

These tools fall into one of four basic categories:

What is said?
What is permitted?
What is encouraged?
What is offered?

Find out how to leverage the tools of engagement in G.Neil’s free white paper, The Tools of Engagement: Boosting Employee Commitment When Money is Tight (.pdf).

In it you’ll find suggestions on improving employee engagement on a budget and examples to help you identify what’s missing in your workplace. No registration required, read the white paper (.pdf) today.

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