Overtime lawsuit could pack a huge financial wallop for UPS

Remember last week’s post on overtime pay – and the spike in employee lawsuits to recover “lost” overtime wages? And how important it is to properly classify employees as exempt or non-exempt, according to FLSA regulations? Well, no one is feeling the pain of this more than UPS right now.

Filed August 19 in federal court, a class action lawsuit claims that United Parcel Service (UPS), the world’s largest package delivery service, failed to pay as much as $100 million in overtime wages to its account managers. The plaintiff, a UPS employee since 2005, says she has regularly worked 60 hours a week but was only paid a straight salary. She adds that UPS misclassified her and other account managers as outside salespersons or administrative employees exempt from overtime pay. And therein lies the problem:

The suit says UPS' account managers don't make sales or obtain contracts nor do they perform managerial type work, and therefore shouldn't be classified as outside salespersons or administrative employees. (The Boston Globe)

To make matters worse, the lawsuit also claims that account managers were not given mandatory meal and rest breaks – and that UPS doesn’t keep accurate records of hours worked.

As a result, UPS is facing a potential jury trial, more than $100 million in damages and the payment of attorneys' fees. The class-action suit also seeks to represent other UPS employees facing a similar situation.

So I’ll wrap up today’s post with the same suggestion as last week: Check out the ComplyRight Now E-Guide, Determining Exempt vs. Non-Exempt Employees (and other FLSA compliance tools) for help figuring out whether an employee is exempt or non-exempt. With overtime lawsuits growing at a breakneck pace, now is the time to be absolutely certain you’re following FLSA exemption rules to the letter of the law.

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