Snuggies in the workplace? Oh no you didn't!

Do HR pros really need to delve deep into dress code decorum to determine that “the blanket with sleeves” is NOT acceptable in the workplace? Should this even be debatable? It’s as absurd as men wearing pleated shorts that expose their sock garters in summer. You just don’t go there … EVER.

But apparently there are those who want to “fight for their right to Snug-gie!”, based on a lively discussion I encountered in a BLR forum. The responses were pretty hilarious.

Here’s the deal, as “IrisD” explains:

"Our facility manager lowered the thermostat to save money. We don't allow space heaters, so some of the women are wearing those "snuggy" blankets and even going outside with them for their smoking breaks.

This has caused kind of a rift between men and women in the office because the men are wearing sweaters and jackets to keep warm, not blankets. One male supervisor told the snuggy wearers to "wear more clothes, not blankets." Emails are flying.

Can we ban snuggys? Or should we? They really don't come under dress codes."

The general consensus, as you might imagine, was that fleecy robe thingys don’t belong in the workplace. Shocking, right? My favorite response:

"Honestly, if your dress code does not rule out blankets-as-clothing, there’s probably something wrong with your dress code. It’s not like this is a question about a man with makeup or a woman refusing to wear hose, or oxfords vs. polos. This is a person in a fabric zip-lock bag with sleeves."

Then there’s the issue of safety, as someone else pointed out: A long, flowy robe might get caught on objects and be a safety hazard for the wearer.

So what we have here is not only a serious fashion faux pas, but also a potential safety risk. And regarding your company’s dress code, I sincerely hope your employees use a little more common sense than those at Iris’ workplace. I know, I know, there’s always that one employee who will push the envelope with his or her wardrobe, but seriously? A brightly colored, one-size-fits-all, floor-length blanket?!?

So let’s do our best to keep the temperature at a comfortable level this winter - and encourage employees to grab their favorite cardigan, blazer, hoodie, shawl - anything but their Snuggie - to fight the chill.

P.S. Did you know that Snuggie ads also suggest you wear this warm, cuddly garment at sporting events, movie theaters and, my personal favorite, night-time pub crawls? Please, unless you’re a college student in the middle of rush week, stop the madness!

P.S.S. I don't own a Snuggie. But now that I live in the Pacific Northwest, I think I could really use one. Royal blue, please. And I promise you, no one will ever see it except my husband and my two Jack Russell Terriers.



Snuggie Cult said...

Snuggies are expanding into the workplace and various other segments of society. All hail the greatness!

working girl said...

A good friend of mine loves her snuggie although I don't think she wears it to work. I have a colleague who always wears a lime green t-shirt which is almost as bad as a snuggie. I kind of think people should wear whatever they want, as long as the men always wear socks. Is that inconsistent?


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