New federal NLRA poster required -- Are you in compliance?

On August 25, 2011, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) issued a final rule requiring most private-sector employers to notify employees of their rights under the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA). Under the final rule, employers must display the new federal posting by November 14, 2011, to remain in compliance. Failure to post the notice will be considered an unfair labor practice.

In addition to providing examples of unlawful employer and union conduct and informing employees how to contact the NLRB with questions or complaints, the notice states that employees have the right to:

   => organize, form, join or assist a union
   => bargain collectively to improve wages and working conditions
   => discuss terms and conditions of employment with fellow employees
   => take action with those fellow employees to improve working conditions
   => strike and picket

It does not matter if your business is non-unionized, as the new posting requirement applies to union and non-union workplaces alike. The only exceptions to the requirement at this time are agricultural, railroad or airline employers -- or the U.S. Postal Service. Additionally, some very small employers and retailers may be exempt.

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