Four simple tips to avoid labor law poster scams

Keeping up with required federal and state labor law poster changes is a challenge for most businesses. Finding the time to research which posters are mandatory and where to get the posters you need adds to that challenge.

Mandatory posters come from different government agencies and there is usually no notification of poster changes. To make things tougher, deceptive marketing tactics and labor law poster scams attack businesses whenever there is a change in labor laws.

Businesses that don't maintain the correct set of posters may face hefty government fines for noncompliance.

Reputable third-party poster services save businesses valuable time and give businesses the assurance that they are in complete compliance with federal and state laws.

Ashley Kaplan, G.Neil’s very own Compliance Attorney, was interviewed for a recent article in the Jacksonville Business Journal on how to help businesses sidestep deceptive poster providers.

Here are Kaplan's four simple tips to avoid labor law poster scams and choose a poster service provider that is right for your business:

  1. Check with the Better Business Bureau to verify that the seller you are considering has a superior track record.
  2. Be sure the business you choose to buy posters from completely understands federal and state laws, and employs labor law attorneys to interpret legal changes.
  3. Ask for written assurance that the posters meet exact agency requirements for font size, poster size, color and layout.
  4. Only buy from a provider that guarantees protection from fines.

To be sure you are in complete compliance of all federal and state laws visit


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