Recycle your way to a ‘green’ workplace

At home you may always do your best to reduce waste by recycling, but walking through the office doors transforms you into a “triplicate-printing, paper-cup-squashing, run-our-computers-all-night-so-
the-boss-thinks-we're-working earth befouler.”

Each year, U.S. workplaces are responsible for:

10, 000 pieces of copier paper per employee
40% of carbon dioxide emissions due to heating, cooling and power
70% of the country’s total electricity usage.
1.3 billion tons of CO2 from employee commutes
$1 billion worth of electricity to keep office computers running

Other than printing less paper and working by candlelight, there’s one simple way to do your part to go ‘green’ at the office - recycle.

Here are eight easy steps to recycle your way to a ‘green’ workplace:

1. Set up a ‘green’ committee. Form a group of employees interested in environmental issues to organize recycling efforts at work.

2. Perform a waste-audit. Take inventory of the amount and types of trash your office produces including printing paper, catalogs, newspapers, soda cans, plastic water bottles and printer cartridges.

3. Contact your local recycling company or find a drop-off location. Get price estimates for dumpsters and pick-up services. If recycling can’t come to you, find a location where you can drop off recyclables.

4. Coordinate the collection effort. Place recycle bins in the proper locations around the office, including the lunchroom, printing areas and warehouses. Give employees their own small bins for scrap paper around their work areas.

5. Promote the effort. Promote the recycling program throughout the office with informational fliers and posters. Show employees where recycle bins are located around the office and what should go in each bin.

6. Plan fun events to support the effort. Set up a competition to see which department can recycle the most to encourage participation.

7. Share your goodwill efforts. Add an article to your employee or industry newsletter communicating your ‘green’ efforts. Write and distribute press releases on how your company is helping the environment.

8. Keep up the good work. Evaluate the program’s progress on a regular basis. Remind employees about their efforts and to keep recycling. Come up with more ideas on how to go ‘green’ at the office.

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Marie said...

Consider a digitally centric workplace too. Through the end of May, MyFax is awarding a free three-month Internet faxing subscription upon proof of receipt that people and organizations have properly recycled their old fax machines through charitable organizations such as, E-cycling Central and many others.


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