One in four plan to work while on vacation

The summer vacation season kicks off this Memorial Day weekend, reminding us all that a little time off here and there can be good for our health. However, many find it hard to let go of work, even while on vacation.

Vacations are good. They give us a break from the daily grind, allow us to get back in touch with our families and friends, and recharge our batteries. Some studies show that employee productivity increases in employees who take vacations.

In today’s world, that may not always be the case. A new survey from CareerBuilder reveals that one in four workers (25 percent) plan to stay in touch with work while on vacation, up from 20 percent last year.

Other significant findings include:

  • 10% of workers were expected by their employers to stay in touch
  • 15% gave up vacation days last year because they didn’t have time to take them
  • 12% of workers feel guilty being away from work while on vacation
  • 6% feel that taking vacation time could lead to them losing their job

You can look at it in two different ways: either workers today care more about their jobs than ever before, so much that they want to stay in touch with work while away, or we’re all on a dangerous road leading straight to Burnout City.

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