Medical marijuana: Deal or no deal in a drug-free workplace?

Boardrooms and courtrooms are getting fired up about whether doctor-prescribed marijuana has a place in corporate America. So far, the answer is “no.”

In cases where employees have challenged the boundaries surrounding the use of medical marijuana, the courts have sided with the employers. Although medical marijuana is legal as a prescription painkiller in 14 states, it is illegal under federal law. Plus, there’s the bigger issue of employees coming to work impaired and posing a safety risk.

This position is getting a rise out of medical marijuana advocacy groups, however. They view an employee’s marijuana-based treatment as a private medical matter, and any adverse action against the employee as discrimination.

Several lawsuits are still pending, so the issue is far from being settled. In the meantime, employers operating in states where medical marijuana is legal would be wise to monitor future court rulings and, if necessary, tailor their drug policies accordingly.

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