One size doesn't fit all: Paid leave benefits vary by industry, occupation and wages

A report by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) revealed some interesting findings about paid sick leave benefits, including:

• Access to paid sick leave for private industry employees varied by occupation, ranging from 42% for service workers to 84% for management, professional and related occupations

• 81% of employees earning wages in the highest 25% wage distribution bracket had access to paid sick leave, compared to 33% for employees in the lowest 25% backet

• In private industry, employee received an average of eight days of paid sick leave after one year of service (with small establishments offering an average of six days and large establishments, 11 days)

• The cost of sick leave per employee hour worked in state and local government was $0.81, compared to $0.23 an hour in private industry

• Higher-paying occupations typically incur higher sick leave costs, averaging $0.53 per employee hour worked in management, professional and related occupations, compared to $0.08 for service occupations

As an employer, you are not required by law to provide paid leave benefits for your employees. But to attract and hold on to workers, most employers offer some sort of paid sick leave in their benefit package.

How do your paid sick leave benefits compare to national averages? Are you doing enough with this particular employee perk? To learn more, check out the entire Program Perspectives: On Paid Sick Leave.

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