What's up with downsizing?

The recession-battered economy has experts wondering what’s next for the job market. Are companies stabilizing – and can employees rest easier that their jobs will still be there tomorrow? Well, that depends on who you talk to.

According to a recent online poll by Right Management, half of the 426 senior HR executives who responded expect their organizations to restructure in the next six months. One in five executives anticipates a change in leadership.

Other changes the HR professionals foresee in the near future include:

Acquisition or merger – 13%
New product launch – 10%
New technology – 6%

While not all of these changes mean job cuts for employees who live in fear of the dreaded “pink slip,” they certainly don’t point to smooth sailing in the coming months, either.

“Although the economy shows certain signs of improvement, it seems likely that more corporate upheaval is ahead,” says Michael Haid, senior vice president of global solutions at Right Management. “The current atmosphere remains unsteady and anxiety is still widespread.”

At the same time, however, employees are much more tuned into what’s happening around them. Their radar is up, and they’re not naïve about how quickly things can change in corporate America.

“Employees are surely listening carefully to what their top management is saying, how the company is performing and the kind of announcements being made,” says Haid.

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