Going green at the office? Start with your printers

If you can’t make the leap to a fully paperless office, start with printing less paper.

GreenPrint is a new software program to help you take the first few steps to going green at the office. The program is designed to analyze what you send to the printer, eliminating blank pages or pages with only a few lines of text.

“Saving money today, trees tomorrow,” according to the GreenPrint site.

Along with saving paper, you’re also saving on expensive toner. GreenPrint also allows users to exclude images from a print job, cutting back on ink costs. It can even turn documents in to PDFs, eliminating printing all together.

The best part, the software will track the amount of pages printed and money saved.

It could be one small way offices around the world can do their part to waste less and go green.

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Violet said...

Thanks for the tip. Offices can also use to track their usage along with seeing the progress and goals of other offices- just another small way to curb energy usage and reduce carbon footprints.


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