What does happiness in work look like?

Is there a formula for finding happiness in our work?

Many have tried to explain it, but few have been able to create a clear picture of the road to happiness.

Among those creative few stands Bud Caddell, author of the blog What Consumes Me. Earlier this month, he put his idea of what happiness in business looks like in a Venn diagram:

As someone who has been working at start-ups and small businesses since he was 14 years old, Caddell was able to put what he learned over the years into a beautifully crafted diagram.

Caddell’s idea of happiness in work is based on three overlapping factors: what we do well, what we want to do and what we can be paid to do.

Find all three and ‘Hooray!’ you’ve got happiness.

Or is it that simple?

Take a look at Caddell’s full blog post and read his tips for finding your way to the ‘Hooray!’ point. Then come back and let us know what you think of Caddell’s happiness formula.

How do you find happiness in work?

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