What workers want most this summer: Time

Flexible schedules and leaving work early on Fridays are the the benefits employees want most this summer, a new survey by OfficeTeam suggests.

More than 450 office workers were asked, “Which of the following summer benefits would you most like to have?” They answered:
  • Flexible schedules 38%

  • Leave early on Fridays 32%

  • Activities (e.g. company picnic, potluck) 6%

  • More relaxed dress code 5%

“Employees appreciate flexibility in their jobs because it gives them greater control and enables them to handle other commitments without sacrificing their work performance,” said Robert Hosking, executive director of OfficeTeam.

Flexible scheduling can be an inexpensive way to motivate employees during the summer months, adds Hosking. For businesses worried that customer service will suffer, he suggests staggering workers’ schedules to maximize the total number of hours employees are able to assist customers.

“Companies should pilot flexible schedule programs before rolling them out permanently,” Hosking recommended. “This gives businesses time to evaluate the impact on workflow and productivity.”

If flex time isn’t an option, allowing employees to occasionally leave early on Fridays can boost morale. Many workers plan activities and weekend trips during the summer months and would appreciate the extra time to get started, says Hosking.

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