6 simple ways to participate in Drug-Free Work Week (Oct. 14-20)

Mark your calendars: Drug-Free Work Week, an initiative sponsored by the Department of Labor (DOL), takes place nationwide October 14-20. This event helps workplaces reinforce the fact that being drug free is the key to protecting workplace safety and health. Also use this week to encourage employees to seek help for alcohol and drug problems.

Here are 6 simple ways to participate:

1. Launch a drug-free workplace program. If your company doesn’t have one already in place, turn the week into an opportunity to launch a new one.

2. Promote your existing drug-free workplace program. Remind employees about the program, and how it helps keep them safe at work. Use posters, pamphlets or company e-mails to get the word out.

3. Offer your employees free health screenings during company time.

4. Volunteer in a community event promoting drug-free education. Reach out in your community to help inform children about the dangers of drugs and the benefits of following a drug-free lifestyle.

5. Create a drug-free display in a high-traffic area. Use G.Neil's Drug-Free Workplace Poster to send a powerful drug-free workplace message.

6. Organize a social event during company time, such as a bake sale or barbeque celebrating safety and health.


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Terry said...

You can choose to send employees to a lab or use instant onsite Drug tests to screen your employees and applicants. The instant tests give you faster results and tend to cost less. They are as accurate as a lab tests and give you the same reduction in risk.


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