Celebrate Halloween at Work

BOO! Halloween is right around the corner (next Wednesday, 10/31). This widely celebrated holiday is no longer just for the kids. Many businesses across the country, including our G.Neil team, will celebrate Halloween at work this year.

Holiday celebrations at work can be great occasions to promote teamwork, improve morale, and add some old-fashioned fun to the workday. Celebrating the holidays also can foster a positive company culture in which employees look forward to and enjoy their time at work.

Here are some ways we celebrate Halloween at work:
  • Best decorated workspace and costume contest. In the past, departments have transformed into Latin nightclubs, Italian neighborhoods and hospital emergency rooms.
  • Department pumpkin-carving competition. Each department receives a pumpkin and carving set. Team members work together to come up with funny, scary and some downright disgusting designs.
  • During lunchtime, we set up a "Goodies Table" in the main lunchroom with Halloween-themed treats for all to enjoy.
  • Senior management judges all contests and awards prizes to the lucky winners.

Don't be afraid to get creative and have some fun at the office this Halloween!


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Amelia said...

At my office, we are doing a pumpkin carving contest. I am now looking for a fabulous trophy! (dancing plastic skeleton, perhaps?)


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