Healthy Employees Shape-Up Your Bottom Line:
New Methods for Controlling Health Care Costs

It’s always a struggle to keep the rising costs of health care in check. US industry loses $13 billion and 39.3 million workdays every year due to employees’ obesity-related health problems1. Studies also found that 65 percent of American adults are overweight and spend half their waking hours on the job2. With figures like these, companies are looking to new methods for controlling health care costs and improving employees' physical health.

Five easy ways to promote a healthy workplace:
  1. Swap out high fat/high sugar foods in lunchroom snack machines with healthy alternatives. Or, hold a weekly lunchroom fruit-sale. Proceeds can benefit a local charity.

  2. Sponsor a monthly, company-wide event promoting healthy lifestyles. G.Neil employees participate in a monthly "Walk for Wellness," where employees walk as a group around the company’s neighborhood, during company time. When employees return, reward them with healthy snacks, fruit and water.

  3. Team up with a local weight-loss center to hold weekly meetings at the office. We hold weekly, on-site Weight Watchers meetings for our employees. Your local Weight Watchers or similar organization can usually work out agreements to offer employees discounted, or even free memberships.

  4. Contact local gyms and fitness centers to find out if they would give your employees discounts. In return, allow the fitness center to set up a table in the lunchroom to promote their business.

  5. When its time for an office celebration, opt for healthier alternatives as opposed to pizza or donut parties.

1 Department of Health and Human Services

2 Centers for Disease Control


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