New Recruitment Trend: Video

Do you agonize over writing job descriptions? Struggle to find the right words to attract the perfect applicant?

Why not show them how great you are? - make a video.

Popular recruiting sites are joining the YouTube revolution by incorporating video into online recruitment ads. Writing job descriptions may be a thing of the past.

Recently, the online job network began offering video-hosting services. Along with written advertisements, companies can post a video to show job candidates what they can offer.

Another site, CareerTV, allows companies to entertain while recruiting job candidates. Google, Disney, BMW and even the FBI have posted videos to grab the attention of promising applicants.

And it works both ways. Job seekers also can post video resumes. All videos are open to the public to rate on a 1-5 scale. Videos can be viewed by highest-rated, most viewed, and how recently they were posted.

More than just a job description, videos allow insight into a company's culture and can help potential applicants make more informed decisions when job hunting.

Video recruiting is the next big thing for the latest generation of employees, so make a video and show your future employees what you’ve got to offer.

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Anonymous said...

Sony Ericsson’s job videos have been up for a little over a month now. I have been very happy with the results. We have seen a significant increase in the applicants for our jobs. I have a small budget for posting so I typically only run 5-10 ads at one time. The average yield for the job ads was about 10 applicants a day. Of the 10 usually only one would match the tight scope of criteria for the job. Since I started to use video I am now seeing an average of 30 applicants a day. The quality has been maintained. I now see three good applicants each day instead of 1.

Vcruit is able to give me a few statistics for the videos. The number of applicants I receive is a very close match to the number of viewers of the video. That means if the applicant watches the video they are very likely to apply for the job. This confirms one of the primary research points that led me to try on-line video. People who watch video are more inclined (57%) to take action then other forms of online media. Another point of interest is that most people are watching the video to its completion. Their interest is maintained though the whole clip. We decided to take the advice of Vcruit to keep the videos short and it’s paid off.

I have also used the job videos in an email blast out through Careerbuilder. Each of the jobs advertised on the email blast was linked back to a job video. The email blast went out to just over 4500 people who opted into Careerbuilders email service. We used specific key words to make sure we hit the right audience. We received more then 350 applicants in the first 48 hours of the email blast. One third of the applicants were strong enough for initial consideration (our team has been very busy). Email me if you would like to see the email that went out via careerbuilder. I would be happy to share.

Most people who have given me feedback on the videos want to see more of the people side of Sony Ericsson. I’m working on that right now. It’s a bit tricky because I don’t want to drag a production crew through the building. Our phones take video clips. We might use them for the people clips and ask Vcruit to clean them up for us. More to come on this subject.

I am sure job video’s are here to stay and will really become the standard quickly. They are much more engaging and enjoyable then reading the typical job posting you see on-line. This is the very beginning of the candidate experience. The video is helping us start off on the right foot.

Bill Opal


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