Drug-Free Work Week: Top 5 Affected Industries

Drug abuse is a serious problem in America and especially within our country’s workforce. In 2005, almost 75 percent of drug users in America were employed.* Substance abuse contributes to lower productivity, causes workplace accidents and injuries, and increases health care costs.

The most at-risk industries:

  1. Construction and mining
  2. Food preparation and food service
  3. Arts, design and entertainment
  4. Sales
  5. Installation, maintenance and repair

Small to medium-sized businesses are the most affected by employee drug-use. Smaller businesses are less likely to have an established drug-free workplace program. Without a drug-free policy, businesses seem more attractive to a drug user.

In the spirit of Drug-Free Work Week, why not start a drug-free workplace program of your own? This Drug-Free Workplace Kit helps you get started with eye-catching posters and drug-free policy stickers.

*Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (2006)


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