G. Neil in the News

G. Neil's very own compliance attorney, Ashley Kaplan, was quoted today in a Pittsburgh Post-Gazette article.

A Pennsylvania company recently settled with the state's Attorney General's office for fraudulent marketing practices. After confusing companies into thinking it was a government agency, Mandatory Poster Agency Inc. has agreed to pay $10,000 in civil penalties, another $10,000 toward future protection and will offer refunds to more than 400 companies that bought its food service compliance posters.

Posting compliance in the service industry may sometimes be confusing because of changing laws in the industry.
Ms. Kaplan's advice [when buying labor law posters] is that employers should make sure they are dealing with a reputable firm, which they can check with the Better Business Bureau. They also should make sure the company from which they are buying posters has attorneys on staff to research the posting requirements and they should make sure the posters they put up meet the requirements in terms of font size and colors.
Read the full article.

Please also read our recent post regarding the temporary FMLA poster and fraudulent claims.

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