Top 10 OSHA Violations in 2007

We still have two months to go until the new year, but the Director of OSHA's Directorate of Enforcement Programs, Richard Fairfax, decided to preview the top OSHA violations for 2007 a little early. Fairfax presented the list on October 16 at the National Safety Council's 2007 Congress and Expo.

Most violations follow the same trends as previous years. The top 10 OSHA violations for 2007 are:

  1. Scaffolding - 7,592 violations
  2. Hazard Communication - 5,099 violations
  3. Fall Protection - 5,095 violations
  4. Respiratory Protection - 3,145 violations
  5. Lockout/Tagout - 2,973 violations
  6. Powered Industrial Trucks - 2,577 violations
  7. Electrical - Wiring - 2,412 violations
  8. Ladders - 2,113 violations
  9. Machine Guarding - 2,054 violations
  10. Electrical General - 1,848 violations

G. Neil's OSHA solutions help you understand and comply with OSHA, and also assist in training your employees on various OSHA standards.


Celebrate Halloween at Work

BOO! Halloween is right around the corner (next Wednesday, 10/31). This widely celebrated holiday is no longer just for the kids. Many businesses across the country, including our G.Neil team, will celebrate Halloween at work this year.

Holiday celebrations at work can be great occasions to promote teamwork, improve morale, and add some old-fashioned fun to the workday. Celebrating the holidays also can foster a positive company culture in which employees look forward to and enjoy their time at work.

Here are some ways we celebrate Halloween at work:
  • Best decorated workspace and costume contest. In the past, departments have transformed into Latin nightclubs, Italian neighborhoods and hospital emergency rooms.
  • Department pumpkin-carving competition. Each department receives a pumpkin and carving set. Team members work together to come up with funny, scary and some downright disgusting designs.
  • During lunchtime, we set up a "Goodies Table" in the main lunchroom with Halloween-themed treats for all to enjoy.
  • Senior management judges all contests and awards prizes to the lucky winners.

Don't be afraid to get creative and have some fun at the office this Halloween!


New Recruitment Trend: Video

Do you agonize over writing job descriptions? Struggle to find the right words to attract the perfect applicant?

Why not show them how great you are? - make a video.

Popular recruiting sites are joining the YouTube revolution by incorporating video into online recruitment ads. Writing job descriptions may be a thing of the past.

Recently, the online job network began offering video-hosting services. Along with written advertisements, companies can post a video to show job candidates what they can offer.

Another site, CareerTV, allows companies to entertain while recruiting job candidates. Google, Disney, BMW and even the FBI have posted videos to grab the attention of promising applicants.

And it works both ways. Job seekers also can post video resumes. All videos are open to the public to rate on a 1-5 scale. Videos can be viewed by highest-rated, most viewed, and how recently they were posted.

More than just a job description, videos allow insight into a company's culture and can help potential applicants make more informed decisions when job hunting.

Video recruiting is the next big thing for the latest generation of employees, so make a video and show your future employees what you’ve got to offer.

Drug-Free Work Week: Top 5 Affected Industries

Drug abuse is a serious problem in America and especially within our country’s workforce. In 2005, almost 75 percent of drug users in America were employed.* Substance abuse contributes to lower productivity, causes workplace accidents and injuries, and increases health care costs.

The most at-risk industries:

  1. Construction and mining
  2. Food preparation and food service
  3. Arts, design and entertainment
  4. Sales
  5. Installation, maintenance and repair

Small to medium-sized businesses are the most affected by employee drug-use. Smaller businesses are less likely to have an established drug-free workplace program. Without a drug-free policy, businesses seem more attractive to a drug user.

In the spirit of Drug-Free Work Week, why not start a drug-free workplace program of your own? This Drug-Free Workplace Kit helps you get started with eye-catching posters and drug-free policy stickers.

*Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (2006)


Healthy Employees Shape-Up Your Bottom Line:
New Methods for Controlling Health Care Costs

It’s always a struggle to keep the rising costs of health care in check. US industry loses $13 billion and 39.3 million workdays every year due to employees’ obesity-related health problems1. Studies also found that 65 percent of American adults are overweight and spend half their waking hours on the job2. With figures like these, companies are looking to new methods for controlling health care costs and improving employees' physical health.

Five easy ways to promote a healthy workplace:
  1. Swap out high fat/high sugar foods in lunchroom snack machines with healthy alternatives. Or, hold a weekly lunchroom fruit-sale. Proceeds can benefit a local charity.

  2. Sponsor a monthly, company-wide event promoting healthy lifestyles. G.Neil employees participate in a monthly "Walk for Wellness," where employees walk as a group around the company’s neighborhood, during company time. When employees return, reward them with healthy snacks, fruit and water.

  3. Team up with a local weight-loss center to hold weekly meetings at the office. We hold weekly, on-site Weight Watchers meetings for our employees. Your local Weight Watchers or similar organization can usually work out agreements to offer employees discounted, or even free memberships.

  4. Contact local gyms and fitness centers to find out if they would give your employees discounts. In return, allow the fitness center to set up a table in the lunchroom to promote their business.

  5. When its time for an office celebration, opt for healthier alternatives as opposed to pizza or donut parties.

1 Department of Health and Human Services

2 Centers for Disease Control


6 simple ways to participate in Drug-Free Work Week (Oct. 14-20)

Mark your calendars: Drug-Free Work Week, an initiative sponsored by the Department of Labor (DOL), takes place nationwide October 14-20. This event helps workplaces reinforce the fact that being drug free is the key to protecting workplace safety and health. Also use this week to encourage employees to seek help for alcohol and drug problems.

Here are 6 simple ways to participate:

1. Launch a drug-free workplace program. If your company doesn’t have one already in place, turn the week into an opportunity to launch a new one.

2. Promote your existing drug-free workplace program. Remind employees about the program, and how it helps keep them safe at work. Use posters, pamphlets or company e-mails to get the word out.

3. Offer your employees free health screenings during company time.

4. Volunteer in a community event promoting drug-free education. Reach out in your community to help inform children about the dangers of drugs and the benefits of following a drug-free lifestyle.

5. Create a drug-free display in a high-traffic area. Use G.Neil's Drug-Free Workplace Poster to send a powerful drug-free workplace message.

6. Organize a social event during company time, such as a bake sale or barbeque celebrating safety and health.


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